Are your clothes certified organic?

Yes. In fact this a core value our company is based on. Everything is 100% organic.

Are the colors vegan?

Yes. The colors are vegan as well.

Where do you manufacture?

We collaborate with certified clothing companies in Bangladesh. Even though this country is known for poor working conditions and sweatshops we decided to change that. All of our distributors and suppliers are WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified, meaning that the people who sew our clothes receive fair wages while also meeting European standard working conditions. Then we ship them to the US to print them.

Do you guys ship worldwide?


How long does shipping usually take?

Current Processing is an average of 5-7 days due to high demand.

7-10 business days for deliveries outside EU/USA.

3-5 business days for EU/USA deliveries.

How do I get in contact for collaborations?

Simply DM us on Instagram or shoot us an email :)